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The Photographer's Success Path

Planning Strategy

Mastering Your Business Mindset

Having a strong sense of self-awareness sets you up for success in your photography business. Build your mental stamina that aligns with your business.

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Setting The Stage To Success

A business foundation with professional standards, goals, and a plan creates sustainability and long term success.

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Building Strategy

Your Business Foundation

Setting up your business properly with items like licenses, affiliations, and permits defines you as a professional photographer.

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Forecasting Your Financial Future

For a sustainable photography business, you must have income goals, a plan with actionable steps, and an understanding of your ideal client.

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Influencing Strategy

Packaging Your Expertise

It's not just being "a photographer" but "the photographer" when it comes to creating your brand and messaging.

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Become A Marketing Powerhouse

Share the excellence of your brand through marketing messages that speak to your clients, engage and excite them, and has them seeking you out.

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Next Level Connection Building

Your net worth is your network and creating business and personal connections can dramatically shift your business towards new opportunities.

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Monetizing Strategy

More Sales, More Often

Help your clients identify their photography needs and let them know you are their solution by guiding them to an informed buying decision.

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In Person Sales Mastery

In person sales gives your client a high touch experience with opportunities to expand your offer and increase your bottom line.

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Refining Strategy

The Ultimate Client Experience

Leverage your attention to excellent customer service to create more revenue for your business and allow your professionalism to sell you.

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Automate Your Income

Systems and automations streamlines your business workflow and bridges the buyer's journey with touchpoints of engagement and communication.

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Bonus Courses

Photographer Funnels

Attract the clients you want by learning marketing tactics of multibillion dollar marketing agencies - This information is NOT taught anywhere else within the photography industry.

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Headshots Workshop

Headshots Workshop is a complete course that covers every aspect of building a successful and profitable headshot business from the ground up. This covers branding, marketing, sales techniques, and more. We then transition into working with actual clients where you will learn about lighting, posing, and client communications.

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Lighting Intensive Workshop

This course covers all aspects of lighting within photography. Those that are brand new to lighting will learn from ground zero and will gradually build your lighting knowledge to a professional master level. Those experienced with lighting will learn new exciting advanced lighting techniques that will allow them to take their lighting skills to a whole new level.

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Wedding Photographer Bootcamp

This course covers everything you need to know to market, grow and become profitable within the wedding photography market. This covers not only the business side, but also client communications, presentations, in person sales, day of prep, engagement sessions, shooting, gear, lighting, post wedding workflow (including editing, retouching, and client follow-up) and more. This is one of the most extensive courses ever created on the topic of wedding photography.

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Networking for Success

It's not just who you know, but who knows you. When it comes to running a successful business it is key that you are top of mind to those you are trying to attract. Here is a complete course that will give you the skill sets and mindset you need to become a successful networker in your community.

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